Many industries hope for effectiveness and efficiency in manufacturing the products. To deal with it, people are now making an attempt to find the most suitable advanced technology to implement. It is quite hard for determining the right one because there are a lot of considerations to think about in advance. Financial availability should be the priority because it determines the existence of the industry in the near future. Thanks to the vertical storage system machine which is widely implemented in the industry especially in the warehouse division.  

As mentioned before, the industry should come into agreement with every division before implementing the vertical storage system machine. Let every division in the factory raise their voice in delivering the good and the bad effects of the implementation of this technological advancement. When all divisions have come into agreement, the problem in choosing the right technology should be dealt with in accordance with meeting the actual needs of the factory. 

When it deals with the comparison between vertical storage system machine and horizontal storage system, it can be said that these two technological advancements share similarities. The integration of computer-based programs is the most obvious one because these two machines are performed with the touch screen monitor so that it will save more time to store or to retrieve the products in the warehouse. Such benefits above become the major reason why the industry makes a great shift from the traditional to the modern storage system.

Apart from it, the implementation of vertical storage system machine in comparison to the horizontal storage system can be described to save more space up to 85%. This helps to make the warehouse feels larger and the employees do not deal with the narrow aisles to take the product which may later lead to the danger of having workplace accidents. Due to these following benefits, it is advisable to take the benefit of the vertical storage system machine as part of being more efficient and effective in the manufacturing or shipping process.

But, what makes them become different from each other?

While these two storage system machines share similarities in many aspects, there will be some differences that the industry should know in advance. In this regard, the differences between them become the consideration of the industry to come into agreement. Therefore, both vertical storage system machines and horizontal storage systems will be analyzed in detail to find the most appropriate one in between them. 

If the industry does not think about the differences, there will be serious problems when implementing one of these machines. To sum up, here are the differences to learn much more in advance.

1. How the machine works

When it speaks about the differences between vertical storage system machines and horizontal storage systems, it can be said that these two machines have different ways of performing tasks. The vertical storage system machines will work vertically supported by the chain drive and the motor so that the products will be stored in a series of storage from up to down storage. This is very helpful to make the storage system manageable. 

In contrast, the horizontal storage system is designed with oval tracks which are supported by so-called rotating bins along with a series of shelves to store the products. To operate the storage system, the motor will be positioned in a particular place so that it will give the power to make the system works at its best horizontally. All these processes can be controlled with the system installed in the computer-based program.

2. The general dimension of two machines

The differences between vertical storage system machines and horizontal storage systems can be identified from the dimension of these two machines. It can be said that the horizontal storage carousel has 19-153 feet in length. Designed by considering this size, it can be said that the horizontal carousel is long and narrow. It is very advisable to consider when the warehouse does not design with high ceilings and the industry wants to save more spaces to make the warehouse feels larger and less cramped than before.

When it deals with vertical storage system machines, the industry can see that this advanced machine is designed with 7 up to 32 feet in height. With this dimension, the storage system can be described as shallow and wide. This storage system can be the best option for the warehouse which has a high ceiling so that it is more efficient to organize all the stored products. Such differences should be taken into consideration and make sure that you know better about the size of the machine in comparison to the actual size of the warehouse.

How about the weight that the storage machine can carry? It is said that both of these machines do not share the similarity in weight. In other words, the vertical storage system machine can deal with loads up to 1430 pounds. In contrast, the horizontal storage system machine can carry loads up to 2000 pounds. Provided with this impressive specification, it is no longer debatable that this storage machine is strongly advisable to implement for the industry which has the good financial condition.

3. The picking speed rate

In determining the most appropriate technological advancement, it is very important to think about the speed of the machine which helps to enhance the productivity in manufacturing the products. In dealing with the storage system, both the vertical storage system machine and the horizontal storage machine have different speeds when they are performing the tasks. 

The slight differences in speed between these machines do not really cause a big problem. But, it is necessary to know more about the speed. In this case, the horizontal storage machine is reported to be able to deliver the products at a higher throughput rate in comparison to the vertical storage system.

4. The prices of this storage system

Even though the vertical storage system machine and horizontal storage machine have something in common as part of helping the shipping or manufacturing process runs better, these two machines do not share equal prices. This should be understood by many industries before arriving at the big decision to purchase the machine. Determining the right machine based on the prices helps to save the financial availability as well since the system is developed in a wide variety of facilities.

To sum up, the horizontal storage system is less expensive than the vertical one. But, it is not actually about the matter of prices but it is about the function of how the machine performs the tasks. If you want to know more about it, you can consult the handling specialists so that you will get so many recommendations about the prices in accordance with the functions.

It is not absolutely an easy task to make an agreement on choosing between the vertical storage system machine and the horizontal storage system. In this regard, there are numerous aspects to consider when choosing the right one in accordance with the needs of the industries. Design of the machine, a wide variety of prices, and picking speed rates are some of the most important things to consider. Leaving those aspects behind may cause a serious problem because the differences between them do not always suit the workplace, so it is advisable to consult handling specialists in advance.