Workplace accident is something inevitable due to some reasons. Based on the workplace injury statistics info-graphic released by the media on America, it is stated that there is such a serious workplace injury happens every 7 seconds. This problem has gained the attention of industry managers because it costs approximately $170 billion per year. To deal with it, the industry makes an attempt to prevent this problem by taking the benefits of advanced technology such as the automated vertical storage system which is also supported by the implementation of automated guided vehicles.

Apart from the use of automated guided vehicle which is broadly known as AGV, it can be drawn a conclusion that the majority of workplace accidents falls into some categories such as muscle strains, falls, slips, repetitive motion injury, colliding with equipment and trips. Of the mentioned above, 80% job-related injury deals with the sprains and musculoskeletal strains which are later sent to the emergency room for the first aids. Such problem causes the unnecessary delays and the high costs on treatment so that this is the major reason why the technological advancement such as automated guided vehicle comes into the known.

Tracing back to 2020, it is reported by the National Statistic Office show that the number of non-fatal workplace injuries is approximately 2.328 which is lower than the two successive previous years. This is caused by the outbreak of Covid-19 which made the industries in America send more than half of their employees back home. Even though it is considered a non-fatal injury, the industry still gets such a surprising report about the death in the working place that makes the industry pay a good deal of money as compensation. Again, it is the reason why the automated guided vehicle and automated vertical storage system are taken into consideration.

How about in 2021? There are a wide variety of workplace injuries that the employees may experience during performing the job. The most frequent workplace accidents found in 2021 can be categorized into some types such as traumatic injury, injury in traffic accidents, and many more. by considering all the fatal and non-fatal injuries in the workplace, it is the right time to find the best solution to reduce it by taking the benefits of the automated guided vehicle as part of the technological developments.

What is the automated guided vehicle?

When the automated guided vehicle which is supported by the automated vertical storage system has successfully reduced the number of workplace accidents drastically due to its ability to perform all the repetitive tasks that may cause endless fatigue and boredom for the employees, it is the time for us to introduce what the automated guided vehicle and its significance in increasing the safety during performing the job. To put it simply, the automated guided vehicle belongs to the technological advancement that comes into known in this digital era.

The automated guided vehicle can be simply described as the portable robotics that helps the employees to carry all the big loads from one place to another. Most of the time, such a great technological advancement has been widely used in the warehouse because there are so many goods and products that should be stored and picked at the precise time with high accuracy and effectiveness. To implement this system, the industry does not require a number of employees because a single well-trained employee is enough to run this intelligent system to do all the warehouse jobs.

To implement the automated guided vehicle which is later accompanied by the automated vertical storage system is such a daunting task. It is because financial availability always becomes the major problem that should come into agreement by all the divisions in the industry. In other words, the industry should make sure that investing a great deal of money in this advanced technology gives a big return in the near future. When this system fails to give the big ROI, it can be said that this technology is not really necessary to implement. So, the decision is in the hand of the industry’s stakeholders.

When the automated guided vehicle becomes the major interest for the industry to implement, it is advisable to understand how the system works. To perform the task, this technological advancement should be supported by the physical guided paths designed on the floor. In this regard, the wires, paints, or tapes are the best paths that help the system work at its best. As the paths have been designed and installed, the process of manufacturing the products will run efficiently and effectively.

How does the automated guided vehicle help to increase safety?

Apart from the use of an automated vertical storage system that is believed to be able to save more spaces so that the warehouse is less crowded, the automated guided vehicle is tremendously helpful in increasing safety. Powered by the battery or controlled by the computer, the automated guided vehicle helps to transport all the heavy loads so that it will reduce the damage and accidents. Equipped with the sensors, the automated guided vehicle will stop automatically when it encounters something right in front of the paths such as a person or things. 

In accordance with its ability to increase safety, here are the secrets of how this technological advancement does it.

  1. Most of the time, the people working in the warehouse feel boring because of the repetitive tasks that they have to perform from the early morning until the working hours have been over. Such a problem also leads to fatigue so that people are considered to commit mistakes in performing the task. To deal with it, the industry wants to eliminate the problems and mistakes by taking the benefits of the automated guided vehicle. With the help of this advanced system, all the process in manufacturing thing has been taken over so that the people perform the role as controller.
  2. The most common accident that happens in the workplace is due to falls. All the employees who are in charge of the warehouse should organize all the goods in the stacking racks. They must climb up the ladders carrying the heavy loads. When the employees feel so tired, they are possible to experience the accident. Thanks to the automated guided vehicle and automated vertical storage system that helps to store the goods at the high and low racks safely. 
  3. The automated guided vehicle is a kind of driverless technology; it is no longer too worrying for the employees to go through hazardous and dangerous workplaces. Their role has been shifted by such technological advancement so that it surely enhances the safety during performing the task. In addition, this technology is able to handle corrosive materials without causing a big problem for the employees as long as they perform the tasks based on the instructions. 
  4. Most forklifts are believed to be able to help the employees to transport the heavy loads to another place. Unluckily, the forklift operator sometimes commits the mistake of causing the goods to fall because of careless driving. This is absolutely different from the automated guided vehicle which is supported by the automated vertical storage system which has been pre-programmed so that it can make a precise movement and reduce the damage of the goods.

The automated guided vehicle has been widely used in the industry due to its benefits in increasing safety among the employees. This technology is designed with the help of sensors and determined paths on the floors. When it performs its job, this technology will reduce workplace accidents that greatly affect the industry’s financial availability. To perform its best, this technology can be supported by the automated vertical storage system where all the goods are well-stored.