Technological advancements have embraced all lives. It brings life much easier so that many people are highly interested in incorporating this technology in many activities. Such development has been long implemented by the industry that always expects the benefits offered by this technological advancement. Among those available technologies, the automated racking system has gained the attention of millions of industries due to its advantages so that industries are now making an attempt to consider its significant role when this advanced technology is integrated within. 

Apart from the mentioned types of technological advancement above, there are so many types of industrial technology that have contributed to the development of the industry in achieving the goals. The automated guided vehicle which is later abbreviated as AGV is another technology that is widely implemented by many industries out there. Having implemented this technology, it is expected that there will be such a positive change for the industry in the near future.

The emergence of the Automated Guided Vehicle is initially begun in the ‘50s when the industries face a lot of problems in automating the system so that all the processes in industries such as manufacturing, shipping, and controlling can be done effectively. In an attempt to answer such a problematic question, the technical experts develop the advanced machine such as Automated Guided Vehicle and automated racking system, as supporting machine which looks so complicated but it can help people to complete the wide variety of task in time.

Automated Guided Vehicle and Its Consideration in the Implementation

When it comes to automated guided vehicles, they can be broadly described as portable robots that run in the determined pathways in the form of magnetic strips or wires designed by considering the specified patterns. Designed in the form of advanced technology, the driverless electric motor will transport the materials from and to the storage so that the employees do not need to walk along the path that may cause fatigue. Such benefit can also be found in the implementation of an automated racking system that is much easier in dealing with industrial tasks.

The implementation of automated guided vehicles in specific ways can help to increase the overall ergonomic and productivity. Before introducing the automated guided vehicle, the industry should know whether the automation system should be implemented or not. Such consideration should include the opportunity costs, the loads to be transported, and the overall impact on the implementation of technology toward the employees. When all those mentioned considerations have been discussed with all the parties, it is the right time to determine whether such technological advancement really matters or not.

Then, another important thing to consider is about finding the right type of automated guided vehicle. It has been introduced to the public that the automated guided vehicle falls into many types. 

Each type has its own features which are later determined by load type and weight. In sum, some most frequent types of automated guided vehicles are towing AGVs, unit load AGVs, light load AGVs, and many more. The implementation of these technologies will support the frequent transportation of the boxes, containers, and pallets when it is also integrated with the automated racking system as complementary.

Apart from that mentioned consideration, the automated guided vehicle should be dealt with with the right navigation to choose. To function at its best, this technological advancement needs to be supported by navigation in order to move accurately. One of the best navigation that can be best implemented is the guiding marks or laser guide. When the laser becomes the major choice, it will emit the beam and this navigation has been popularly used in today’s industry. 

The wired technology is another best choice for the navigation system that helps the automated guided vehicle performs its function. The implementation of this technology will generate the electromagnetic field which will become the way how automated guided vehicle goes through. Provided with that mentioned choice, it is time for the industry to find the best one based on necessity. Then, to get the efficiency and productivity, the automated racking system can be best implemented as well.

The benefits of implementing the automated guided vehicle

Having considered the things to do before implementing the automated guided vehicle which is also accompanied by the use of an automated tracking system, it is time for you to know more about the benefits of using the automated guided vehicle. There are so many benefits that make the industry attracted to implementing this technological development and here are some of them.

1. It reduces the labor costs

The big shift of technological advancement in terms of the automated guided vehicles has made the employees feel worried. They are afraid of being fired so that it can be said that this is a kind of dilemma for the industry. When the industry reduces the number of employees due to the technological shift, the costs of labor can be used for another important purpose. So, it is time for the industry to decide which option can be best replaced with the more advanced ones. By implementing this technology, the industry does merely need to pay for the single employee who is in charge of the system and the salary increases, payroll taxes, healthcare coverage and vacation time are no longer big matters.

2. It Increases the safety

Most of the time, the employees are worried about having the accident during performing the tasks in the warehouse. It is because of the repetitive tasks that cause boredom and fatigue or the lack of self-awareness in taking the benefit of the protective apparel. To reduce the number of accidents in the workplace, it is strongly advisable to take the benefits of the automated guided vehicles or automated racking systems so that the employees can work safely. Think about the frequent accidents that may lead to the use of big costs for healthcare coverage. 

3. It enhances the productivity and accuracy

Productivity and accuracy have been the major topic to discuss when it deals with the way how the industry can stand out among other competitors. To achieve this goal, the role of technological advancement is worth considering because of its benefits. In comparison to the human, the system only commits a few mistakes because it has been accurately programmed in order to perform the process in manufacturing or distributing. The integration of this technology will allow the system to work 24 hours a week without being interrupted by fatigue. it is absolutely different from the human. Thus, the industry is now trying to consider such technology.

4. It eliminates the damage to the products

The process of manufacturing the product may cause frequent damage when it is handled by the human who feels so tired and bored. This surely causes another problem when the products are damaged in dealing with the costs of the mistakes. Then, to solve this problem, it is strongly recommended to choose the automated guided vehicle or the automated racking system that can be the best choice for the industry.

Technological advancement brings a lot of benefits for the industry so that it is very important to consider its role in enhancing productivity during manufacturing and distributing the products. There are many technologies that can be the best choice and some of them are automated guided vehicles and automated racking systems. By investing a great deal of money in those technologies, there will be a big ROI that can be earned by the industries to stand out among others.