Productivity, needless to say, plays a significant role in making the industry exist among the competitors out there. When the industries are said to be productive, they can keep manufacturing then products at with the high quality. Unluckily, it is reported that there are so many industries lose their productivity as time goes by. Having conducted long research, it is scientifically proven that lacking the ability to go along with the technological developments become the major problem. Take the example of the implementation of an order picking system which sounds to be very expensive for many industries out there.

Knowing the reality about it, it is very important for industry managers to understand the significances of technology in the manufacturing process. It surely takes time and big considerations because it is such a big challenge to conquer with in-depth investigations and through discussion with all divisions. When the industries along with the stakeholders have reached an agreement to change the way how to see the technological developments, it is the right time to decide which technology is said to be the most crucial to implement at the beginning of such a big change.

Again, the role of material handling specialists is very important because they can determine which process needs to be developed. When the industries have a problem with the picking system which always takes a long time to get done, then the order picking system can be the best choice to implement right from the start. The implementation of this system is highly vital when the industries get into the high season when the order keeps increasing drastically beyond the imagination. Being so fast and accurate in serving the customers is a priority that should not be ignored.

The implementation of this technological advancement focuses on the warehouse where the goods and products are stored in a series of racks. In several decades ago, the employees had to walk along the narrow aisles and climbed the high ladders to take the desired products which are said to be time-consuming. With the emergence of this highly anticipated technology in the form of an order picking system, it is very beneficial to reduce the problems in dealing with the picking process. Such conditions should become another consideration for those who have not realized the technological advancements yet for boosting productivity.

Why productivity matters for industries nowadays

We cannot deny that productivity is very important to be stand out among others. There are abundant breath-taking stories and news in many media that big industry is reported to face bankruptcy because of being less productive. The industry is no longer productive when it does not take the advantage of the potential values across the sectors so that the manufacturing process does not yield the highest quality product. Therefore, it is very important to keep being productive in line with technological advancements such as the presence of an order picking system.

When the industry is more productive, there will be numerous benefits as follows.

1. It increases the profitability 

The profitability of the company can be gained when the company successfully produces the goods and the products less expensive without ignoring the quality. It is such a big challenge since most of the time, industries are engaged with the problem of financial availability to produce high-quality products. To deal with it, minimizing the employee’s engagement in manufacturing the products by implementing the latest technology is said to be quite effective to get more profit. This makes the employees become more productive as well.

1. It lowers the operational costs

The operational costs can be eliminated in number when the employees are able to produce the same quality of products by reducing the required time. It is surely a big problem for many industries and to achieve this matter, it is suggested to invest a good deal of money in technology so that it will improve the process of manufacturing and lower the operational costs. To achieve this goal in an attempt to enhance productivity, the order picking system can be implemented in the warehouses.

2. It seizes the chances for growth

Productivity in the manufacturing process can be achieved by controlling time effectively. When the process of manufacture the products takes time, the industry should consider again because being too much engaged in this process will result in the lack of ability to grow. Therefore, investing money in technology can be a good alternative to give the time to the employees to come out with creative ideas. Such ideas will help the industry to grow as well.

3. It reduces the environmental impacts

The process of manufacturing the products always causes a problem in dealing with environmental impacts when industries ignore it and just focus on gaining more profits. The environmental problems happen when the employees are no longer efficient. They cannot save more energy during performing the tasks. Take the example of electric energy that the employees use up to support the traditional ways in the manufacturing process. This can be solved by designing the building with more exposure to the light so that it enhances the mood and productivity to work. 

4. It improves competitiveness

The major role of the order picking system in the warehouse is tremendously helpful for the employees to be more competitive in knowing other competitors out there. The use of this advanced technology helps to make the manufacturing process runs faster than before so that the product will enhance as well. If your industry can deliver the products faster, it surely makes you get more clients and you are absolutely ready to compete with your competitors. Thus, it is very important to keep being productive by implementing the latest technology.

5. It reduces the employees’ burnout

Think about the big company with thousands of employees who do the same things over and over again every day. Isn’t it boring? Yes, it is absolutely boring and it makes them fed up. The industry should know about this reality and it is very important to deal with boredom and repetitive tasks. Then, the implementation of an order picking system can be the best solution because it helps to reduce the time to find the desired goods or products because they are labeled with certain codes. When the employees are dealing with such advanced technology, they surely will be more productive and it helps to enhance the industry productivity to grow.

6. It enhances the well-being

Some people may not realize that the productivity in performing the tasks in the industry results in personal well-being. Well-being can be defined as the condition when you are healthy, happy, and comfortable to go through life. When you can control your job, you will be able to control your life including the time to exercise, to enjoy life, and to serve a healthy cook. Then, you can also listen to your body so you will be able to be at the topmost of your life. Here is productivity in workplaces greatly affects personal well-being.

Productivity is highly important to the industry because it helps to enhance the competitiveness and efficiency in manufacturing the products. In accordance with it, the industry should implement the latest technology such as an order picking system which is very efficient for the employees working in the warehouse. When productivity is enhanced by improving engagement with technological advancement, the employees can enhance their personal well-being which matters a lot for them.