The world has changed drastically. Technology brings a big impact on how people go through life. Here, all things cannot be separated from the role of technology. The industries themselves are the best example where all the advanced technologies are implemented in an attempt to enhance productivity and efficiency in performing the tasks. Such technological development is later called the material handling system which includes the automated pallet racking system.

The material handling equipment used in the industries is mostly found in the warehouse divisions where the process of storing and picking is going on. But, these technological advancements have been developed fast so that their function can be found in the manufacturing division as well. The implementation of the material handling equipment in this division helps to increase the efficiency during manufacturing the products. Such benefits above lead to the high demand for this technological advancement in this modern era.

When it speaks about the material handling equipment, it is necessary to know more about what actually this phrase refers to. In this regard, material handling equipment can be defined as a wide variety of vehicles, tools, appliances, storage units, and accessories that take a part in controlling, transporting, protecting, enumerating, and storing all the products in the industry. One of the material handling equipment used in the industry is called the automated pallet racking system which is used in the warehouse.

Most common types of material handling equipment

Due to its significant role in enhancing productivity in manufacturing, distributing, and storing, the material handling equipment is commonly divided into some types such as engineered systems, storage, bulk material handling, and industrial trucks. All those kinds of materials handling equipment do not share similarities in terms of features and functions. Based on these differences above, it is very important to know better about every single type of material handling equipment. Here are what makes them different.

1. Storage and handling equipment

When it comes to material handling equipment, it is necessary to consider the role of storage and handling equipment which is frequently used to hold all the materials during the “downtimes” or the times when all the goods are not transported. Such period is associated with a temporary pause during the long-term storage which is designed to buildup the stocks. These types of storage handling equipment refer to the shelves, automated pallet racking system, and pallets.

Furthermore, the storage and handling equipment can be categorized into some parts such as racks, stacking frames, mezzanines, work assistant tooling, and drawers. All those kinds of equipment have their particular purposes and features that those industries should learn much more in advance before making an agreement to purchase them. With the help of those mentioned technology, all the process in manufacturing, storing and distributing will run as it has been scheduled before.

The automated pallet racking system which includes the sliding racks, pallet racks and many more helps the employees to save space and make all the products accessible. The mezzanines are a kind of storage and handling equipment that help to provide more floor and these include movable and modular racks where all the goods are well-organized stacked.  

2. Engineered system

The role of the engineered systems cannot be separated from the work of transportation and storage in the industry. One of the best examples of the engineered system is called ASRS which is later known as Automated Storage Retrieval System. This technology involves the use of racks, shelves, and aisles. Implementing the shuttle system, this technological advancement is fully helpful in discovering the location where the products are stored for the further process.

When it deals with the engineered system, this technology comprises of some types which help to increase the productivity in manufacturing the products. Apart from the automated pallet racking system, the conveyor system and Automated Guided Vehicle which is later abbreviated as AGV are the examples that can be functioned in the industry. The conveyor itself falls into some categories such as overhead, vibrating, vertical, chain, and apron conveyors. The AGV itself refers to the technological advancement which is equipped with sensors and detectors to perform the tasks.

3. Industrial material handling trucks

Without wishing to set aside the automated pallet racking system, the industrial material handling trucks is apparently associated with the kinds of the material handling system. This technology refers to the transportations which are broadly used to move the products or the raw materials to other processing divisions. To meet the needs, the material handling trucks are manufactured in a wide variety of designs so that they can help to accommodate many functions to do the industry operations.

There are so many kinds of trucks that can be the best choices for the industries. The hand trucks, pallet trucks, walkie stackers, platform trucks, order pickers, side loaders are now available in the market which allows the industries to choose based on their actual needs. When it talks about the functions, we can say that all those mentioned trucks do not share similarities. Thus, it is very important to have an in-depth understanding of that equipment.

Take the example of pallet trucks which are commonly used to move the pallet to higher positions. This truck is now available in two options namely electrical and manual types. Another type of industrial truck is the order truck. This vehicle is frequently found in the warehouse which helps the employees to move a bit higher from the ground to store the goods in a higher position. The side loaders are also said to be other types of industrial trucks that perform their function to move in narrow aisles in order to shuttle the products based on the determined directions.

4. Bulk material handling equipment

The bulk material handling equipment is also part of the material handling which includes control, transportation, and storing the materials in order to lose the bulk form. Such technology is dealt with minerals, liquids, and foods. Apart from the automated pallet racking system, the bulk material handling equipments fall into some categories such as conveyors, reclaimers, stackers, grain elevators, bucket elevators, silos, and elevated lift tables.

In detail, those mentioned types of bulk material handling equipment have their own functions. The stackers help the employees to pile the bulk material into the stockpiles. The grain elevators are also found to be helpful in storing the grains which will be sent to the top of the elevators where they will go through the further process. The elevated lift table is also beneficial to help the employee to lift the heavy goods slowly into the lower positions.

The automated pallet racking system comes into a wide variety of options which will be the best solutions for the industries to increase the productivity in performing the tasks. All those mentioned equipment above are not same so that it is very imperative that buyers know better how the equipment work in order to meet the need of the industries. Apart from this, it is also important to consider the financial availability before purchasing some of the material handling systems because they are not cheap at all. Do not make a fast decision in finding the right material handling equipment because this may lead to serious problems in the near future.