Technology has developed at a fast pace as the world gets into the digital era. To deal with it, the industries make an attempt to go along with its development by taking the benefit of warehouse automation machines. By taking the benefits of the recent technology, industries will get more ROI than before. Unfortunately, implementing such an advanced technology also takes a great deal of money so that in-depth discussion with all divisions in the factories should be carried out in advance.

When it comes to warehouse automation machine, there are various types of automation machines which are commonly found in the market. Find the best technology to implement is a big task that a company should meet with its need. Doing consultation with handling specialists can be the best solution in an attempt to avoid mistakes during installation and implementation. In addition, do not forget to make sure that the company’s financial availability is in a good state.

Out of thousand advanced technologies out there, the warehouse automation machine which is later called Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) is said to be widely implemented in the industries especially in dealing with material handling. Unluckily, only do a few industries take the benefit of this technological advancement due to the high investment to purchase this technology. But, some companies keep insisting on purchasing after knowing the benefits that ASRS offers to the people.

5 benefits of warehouse automation machine that industry should know

Before we start our discussion about the benefits of the implementation of warehouse automation machines, it is advisable to learn more about what actually ASRS is. It is said that only do some people know better about this sophisticated technology in warehouse systems. The Automated Storage and Retrieval System is a computer-based system that will retrieve and place the products in the warehouse automatically by identifying every single product in the defined storage places. 

This technology is designed very attractively that makes many industries out there are interested to purchase it. Such impression cannot be separated from the benefits of warehouse automation machines and here are some of the benefits that become the major underlying reasons why the demand for ASRS keeps increasing day by day. 

1. It makes the warehouse feels more spacious

The warehouse automation machine which is later named ASRS is said to be very important to save more spaces. In comparison to the traditional warehouse, it can be seen that the traditional warehouse is very crowded and cramped due to a lot of products arranged in the huge racks. The employees have narrow walking aisles to walk from one side to another and it is not quite comfortable enough when performing the tasks.

This condition will no longer happen to the modern warehouse that implements warehouse automation machines. The Automated Storage and Retrieval System helps the material handling specialists to store the products in the most convenient place which makes the warehouse feels larger than before. Provided with this condition, warehouse handling employees will be able to save more products so that the warehouse has the bigger capacity as the storage.

2. It reduces the labor costs

It may be a daunting task for the industry to fire a great number of employees who have made a big contribution to the industry. On the other hand, the industry wants to save more operational costs in order to be able to enhance the productivity of the manufacturing process. The implementation of warehouse automation machine such as ASRS helps to reduce labor costs because all the process of storing and retrieval the products has been shifted by the role of the automated machine.

We all know that the warehouse automation machine can be operated by a single employee as long as s/he has got special training on how to operate the machine so that s/he can deal with the possible problem during the operation of the machine. Therefore, the company does not require paying more employees and the money can be used for other purposes in dealing with the manufacturing process.

3. It reduces the product damages

When the products are stored for a long period of time, it is inevitable that the rats or rodents play a significant role in making the products damaged. Knowing about it, the warehouse employees feel confused because they must take responsibility for the damage. Thanks to the warehouse automation machine for its presence because this technology will not allow the rats or rodents to get into the storage system so that the products are safe.

Let’s try to compare with the traditional storage system which takes the benefit of the racks filled with the loads. When the employees want to take a particular product, it is possible to see the product damage because of the lost handling process. With the help of a warehouse automation machine, all the products will be obtained with minimal risk and damage.

4. It will improve the pick accuracy

Humans commit a mistake and it is quite normal due to fatigue or less concentration. This commonly happens to the warehouse activity when the employees are asked to get particular products with hundred or maybe thousands of choices, a probability of picking the wrong product is inevitable. To deal with it, the industries make an attempt to reduce the risk of it by taking the benefit of warehouse automation machines.

The warehouse automation machine is equipped with a computer system that will identify every single product stored in the warehouse. All the products have unique codes that will increase the pick accuracy. With the standardized system, the employees just need to search in the touch screen monitor. Isn’t very easy to deal with? Such benefits help the process in manufacturing or shipping runs well.

5. It improves the security of the products

Have you ever heard that some of the raw materials or products are stolen by the warehouse employees? It may be surprising enough, but most people working in a warehouse think that it is normal. When the employee working in the warehouse does not care about it, the industry will face a great loss and you, the one who is in charge of the warehouse, will be asked to take responsibility; otherwise, you will get fired. To deal with this problem, the warehouse automation machine can be taken into consideration.

It is said that a warehouse automation machine is a kind of advanced technology that is designed with an impressive system. In this regard, the system is equipped with some buttons that will perform its function to provide the security. Only does the authorized employee have the access to take the control of storing or retrieval activity. It is because the system has been protected by the password.

The warehouse automation machine takes a significant role in enhancing the productivity and security of the industry in dealing with the process of storing or retrieving the product in the warehouse. The emergence of this advanced system is due to a lot of problem faced by the employees who are in charge of warehouse. Security, mistake in picking the product and damage are the frequent problems faced by the warehouse employees.

To deal with it, it is highly recommended to consider the role of warehouse automation machine so that the process in the industry will run as it has been expected before.