Vertical Storage System for The Industry

The modern age has challenged the industry in many aspects. It heavily impacted the modern advancements used in an attempt to increase productivity and efficiency. In dealing with it, the industry should optimize and manage the warehouse well because it is the place where all the goods are stored. To manage the warehouse for the sake of advanced technology, the role of the vertical storage system is advisable because it can help to manage the floor area.

Brief information about vertical storage system

Since warehouse technology is getting more sophisticated, it is time for the industry to limit the role of the floor area efficiently. Here, the industry can take the vertical automatic storage system into consideration because this modern system offers the offer exceptional retrieval and storage of the goods that consume a small area of the floor. By implementing this modern advancement, the warehouse will feel larger than before and it will save more operational costs.

The vertical storage solution can be described as the automated system which will get the order picking done by simply just pushing the button or scanning the barcode. With the help of this system, it is tremendously helpful to improve the performance of the warehouse in terms of security and flexibility. This system is commonly built to free up the floor space where the multiple units are placed in the “pods” where the operator retrieves the unit and the other unit is moving simultaneously in order to enhance the efficiency and timing.

Vertical Storage System Types in General

Since the role of the vertical storage system is inevitable due to its significant role in managing the warehouse efficiently in terms of the floor section, it is said that this advanced system falls into two categories. Each category has its own features and it can function as it should be. To sum up, here are the types of vertical storage systems that the industry should understand.

1. Vertical carousels

The vertical carousel is considered to be the pioneer of vertical storage system which is dedicated for the light commercial application so that it is implemented in the smaller area. This system works on the chain system that moves all the carriers anticlockwise or clockwise in a vertical motion. To make sure that the system works at its best, it is strongly suggested to check the weight of a wide variety of the goods is distributed evenly so that it helps to prevent the load imbalance. When the vertical storage system has been implemented in the warehouse, it is not advisable to adjust the machine height and it results in limited flexibility. The transfer process that involves the machine must be done at the same height from the area where the goods are going to be transferred, Positioning a bit higher is also allowed in order to make the system performs its best. In accordance with it, the storage capacity is strongly prohibited to be increased as well as in the new location.

2. Vertical lift modules

Known as the result of the development of a vertical storage system, the vertical lift modules are designed with the 2 columns of the stacked trays. This system is equipped with an elevator system so that it can retrieve the storage compartment. In line with it, it will consume the floor area because it is used to accommodate all the storage rooms. The development of the vertical lift module as a means of the vertical storage system focuses on weight and space optimization. As each tray can hold a maximum of 1.000 kgs. which is considered to be more advanced than the predecessors and thanks to the system configuration for the adjustable height. Surprisingly, the height of tray storage can be adjusted with no worries. To reduce the imbalance loads, all the items stored in the system should be all positioned either horizontally or vertically.


Reasons to choose automated vertical storage system

As stated before, the most common problem in the warehouse is about how to optimize the warehouse storage spaces and to cut out the operating costs. To deal with it, the vertical storage system in Indonesia becomes the reliable solution to implement and this is one of the reasons why this
advanced technology comes into the known. Apart from it, there are still some reasons why the industry considers why this system is worth planning for the sake of productivity and efficiency.


  1. It is all about the space economy

    To surprise you, the automated vertical storage system allows the industry to recover approximately up to 90% of the storage space currently used. The role of tray and storage carousel can be efficiently stored the products that allow customization and flexibility. As the industry builds the storage up, it is believed that this solution can utilize the vertical storage at the fullest potential and there will be more space to save.

  2. Efficiency takes the major role

    The vertical carousel is the best solutions for the industry owners who want to save more spaces in the warehouse in attempt to make the room feels larger and increase the accessibility to store the goods and products. With the Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) as a part of the vertical automatic storage system, the employees are no longer need of going back and forth in the warehouse to store and find the products. It just
    simply about click on the particular button and the goods will be brought to the employees automatically.

  3. The system improves the product safety

    comes to safety, what to know about the storage carousel is about the security system. It is said that the system is equipped with a password that allows the authorized operator to access the machine. Then, all the activity of logging out and in is well recorded in the system so that it can be said that the vertical storage system is highly safe so that it reduces the risk of being damaged and the potential theft.

  4. It enhances the operator safety

    The role of vertical storage system can be tremendously helpful to improve ergonomics and operator safety. In this regard, the system is designed in order to bring the desired goods to the employees. It surely eliminates the employees to climb up the storage to reach the particular products. In order to avoid injury during performing the job, the role of the automated vertical storage system is really advisable to implement because it also creates more productive workplaces.

The vertical storage system in Indonesia is the answer for the industry owners who encounter the problem in dealing with the storage of the goods in the warehouse. Since the traditional technology causes the risk of being injured of the possible accident in the workplace and time consuming when picking the goods stored in the particular place in the warehouse, the role of vertical storage system becomes the best solution to consider.

The benefits that the system offers are tremendously amazing and it is equal to the initial investment that the industry should spend. Thus, as the world comes into modernization with all the system are digitalized and computerized, it is the right time for the industry to come into consideration of all the advancements.