The Significant Role of Automated Guided Vehicles

Throughout the years, technology has successfully shifted the role of humans in performing tasks. The technology benefits offer to the industry-owners are worth considering in accordance with the efficiency, effectiveness, and cost-saving aspects in completing the tasks. Out of thousand advanced developments out there, the Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) seems to belong integrated into the industry such as military, retail, warehouse, and healthcare. The growing number of the use AGV robotic automation remains the operation managers and business owners in question. Most of the time, they will think about the implementation of such advanced developments in their business and how to tackle the pros and cons which is likely to happen in the near future.

What is the Automated Guided Vehicle?

The AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) is simply defined as the autonomous handling system which will be loaded with the goods or materials and travels around the manufacturing facility, distribution center, and warehouse without an onboard driver or operator. This industrial technology is initially used and developed in America which is integrated into logistics. This floor-mounted vehicle is commonly operated both inside and outside of the building so that the tasks can be done faster.

Thanks to the automated vehicle Indonesia for the introduction and development of the system continuously so that the system can be integrated into a wider range of companies with many benefits. The implementation of the portable robot will run along the marked wires and lines on the floor. In some conditions, the Automated Guided Vehicle can be navigated with vision cameras, radio waves, lasers, or magnets. With the use of these advancements, all the heavy loads can be easily transported to the right racks without spending much effort and time.

Without wishing to set aside the development of the Automated Guided Vehicle system, it is said that the emergence of this technology is reported in the 1950s. Firstly introduced by Barret Electronics of Northbrook, Illinois, the AGV which is later also called a Laser-Guided Vehicle (LGV) was simply designed in the form of towing truck that runs along the floor. As time goes by, this advanced technology is developed in the most sophisticated way with the role of robots to ensure that the systems work autonomously.

What are the types of Automated Guided Vehicles?

The development of the Automated Guided Vehicle brings about the emergence of the various types of systems that can be taken into consideration for the sake of their benefits. A wide range of systems has been designed with no intervene of the human operations during performing the tasks. To sum up, here are the types of Automated Guided Vehicles that have been successfully integrated into the industry.

  1. Automated guided carts

    an be navigated with the help of magnetic tape or the sensor-based system such as the AI (Artificial Intelligence). This sophisticated advancement is usually used in the storage and sorting area and can be functioned to transport many goods and materials. One of the best examples of the use of automatic guided carts is the automated hospital carts which will transport autonomously with empty trays, sterile supplies, or soiled linens. The implementation of this vehicle is believed to save operational costs.

  2. Forklift AGVs

    cle system is the forklift AGVs which will perform the tasks with no intervene of the humans. In some cases, this technology is frequently found in the warehouse where a thousand pallets are transported to the right racks. With the use of the AGV, the tasks can be completed with minimal risks.

  3. Towing AGVs

    Frequently known as tugger automatic vehicles, the towing AGVs are used to transport the heavy loads in the long-distance with some drop-off or pick-off points. They will travel on the defined paths along with the warehouse so that all the systems will help to perform the tasks efficiently.

  4. Heavy burden carrier

    It is no longer debatable that there will be a heavy load in the warehouse that should be transported in the right racks. To deal with it, the Automated Guided Vehicle takes the advantages of the heavy burden carrier which is popularly known as the advanced technology to carry the big loads with self-loading ability so that it does not require the human role in completing the tasks.

  5. Autonomous mobile robot

    The autonomous mobile robot is considered to be the most advanced or sophisticated technology among the Automated Guided Vehicle Systems. This technology does no longer needs the use of magnetic tape or wireless to travel because the role of intelligent navigation capabilities such as the camera systems and censors help to detect the possible obstacles in performing the tasks. With the use of this sophisticated technology, AMR can navigate the warehouse efficiently.

What The Significant Role of Automated Guided Vehicles :

The use of Automated Guided Vehicles should be taken into consideration because the industry should be in good financial. With the growing demand for AGV and advanced technology in manufacturing AGV in the current market, the cost of AGV has been more economical and thus it offers more advantages for industries. Here are the benefits that the industry can take by implementing this advanced technology in completing every single task.

1. Cut out the labor costs

When the industry takes the benefit of the automated vehicle Indonesia, it surely affects the labor costs since the role of humans has been shifted for quite some time. In comparison to the initial investment of installing this automated machine, the ongoing costs seem to be much higher than what the industry has never expected before. In this case, when the industry takes the role of the humans, the salary increases, healthcare coverage, vacation time, payroll taxes are something that the industry should consider.

2. Increase the safety

The automated vehicle machine is implemented with the use of a wide variety of sensors so that all the machines will run automatically so that labor safety is no longer a big concern for the industry. It is totally different when the industry keeps persistent with their traditional ways to complete the tasks with the help of the forklifts which are operated by the humans who are likely to be fatigued and depressed due to the abundant and repetitive
works. The forklifts themselves are not equipped with the in-built safety that may cause the accident.

3. Increase the productivity and accuracy

It is no longer deniable that humans commit the mistake at any time they perform the tasks. In line with it, the Automated Guided Vehicle can be the best solution to minimize the mistakes so that the tasks can be completed with inaccurate workflows. This also helps to increase the productivity of the process in manufacturing or doing the inventory in the warehouse. Therefore, repetitive tasks for a long period of time will never be the major problem among the workers who easily get fatigued.

The automated vehicle machine has been long existed and introduced in an attempt to enhance productivity and efficiency in performing tasks. With the decreasing number of laborers in the industry, it is said that the industry itself can save more money. Thus, it is strongly recommended for the industry to take the advantages of this advanced technology for the sake of its benefits in the long period of time.