Warehouse managers are now challenged to deal with the advanced technology of automated racking that changed the role of the way how the warehouse answers the demand on being completely arranged. In this regard, the marketplace always needs the goods on time, so that the warehouse should be responsive enough so that the process of delivering the products can be carried out more quickly. This will be what the market has expected long ago as the growth of e-commerce in this digitalized era is very fast.

When the automated racking system is implemented in the warehouse the role of dynamic racking will help to improve the efficiency, availability, and capacity because all the system has been integrated with the advanced technology that takes the benefit of the scannable barcode attached in the goods as they arrive and leave the warehouse. With the help of this system, all the goods are well-arranged automatically in the pallets so that it drastically reduces the cost of energy of the unproductive workers.

Apart from this, the automated pallet racking system which is designed in particular ways will provide the warehouse with efficient storage so that the workers can store more goods in the warehouse. Such a digitalized system will take the advantage of the role of rails, distance sensors, large brackets, and light barriers in an attempt to improve the performance of storing the items. Designed with all features, it is no longer deniable that the inventory process will run smoothly and quickly.

The Advanced Automated System is Not Only Dedicated to Large Warehouse

Most of the time, the workers in the factory understand and accept the benefits and significance of the automated racking machine as it is implemented in the warehouse. Unfortunately, the implementation of the automated system brings about misconceptions among the people out there. In this case, people think that this advanced system is suitable only for the large and big warehouse and the cold store. This misconception should be brought into the light so that the role of an automated system can be applied in all warehouses with no exception.

The truth about the use of automated tracking system machines can be implemented in all warehouses by considering some aspects such as the availability of the space, the number of scannable barcodes, the picking processes, and the throughput involved in the operations. To run
this process involves automated racking, the workers should be well-trained in order to reduce the risk when performing the tasks with this advanced technology system.

In comparison to the traditional approach of the business philosophy, it always involves manual racking and forklifts so that it becomes the major problem in cost-savings, risk-taking, and the potential fluctuation in productivity as well as profitability. Thus, the automated racking system machine should be taken into consideration in order to eliminate the potential risks and to determine how to save more operational costs.

With the help of the automated racking system, it will give an additional 40% of the storage capacity. This results in reducing the number of forklifts and the operator by 60% and this gives a great impact on the significant savings of the operational costs. A small warehouse can hold approximately 300 up to 600 pallets. Here, the factory can take the advantage of the 2 lifts and 3 carriers to retrieve and store the pallets without the help of manual handling. So, there will be still any possibility of taking the benefit of the automated machine in the small warehouse as long as the factory considers all aspects involved.

The Automated Racking System is economical with technology advancement

The growing number of automated technologies in the warehouse has been widely known over the year. However, there have been many companies that do not pay good attention to it because the automated pallet racking system is very expensive. Knowing the misconception about the cost of this advanced technology, it is said that food and beverages to pharmaceuticals have been made an attempt to break the misconception in accordance to the benefits that the automated racking offers to the warehouse.

It should be made clear that the role of automated technology is the big investment of the company for a long period of time. This will be tremendously helpful in doing all the inventory process runs well. Unfortunately, most of the factories will make a comparison to the traditional racking system which is cheaper but takes time to complete the inventory process. It is the reason why most of the time, factories does not attract to this latest technology. If this automated racking is applied and the factory knows better about the benefits, there will be any satisfaction that comes out from the factory owners to know how the system works efficiently and effectively with amazing results. Therefore, it is not supposed to be too expensive as you take the consideration of the automated racking system in the warehouse. As the company implemented this advanced technology, there will be a great impact on saving the labor costs because the role of humans has been shifted by the technology and the tasks will be carried out more productively and effectively.

Ease of Maintaining Automated Racking System

People have misinterpreted the more advance the technology, the more difficult to maintain the system. The Automated Racking system can be maintained locally and possibly by the factory’s own maintenance team in the long run. After the successful project execution, operational and maintenance training is provided to the customer. During this training, the system concept and troubleshooting are taught to assist the operation.

With the intelligence of the system software, the same batch of products can be stored separated in the whole automated racking system. Thus, this increases the product availability for the warehouse. Thanks to the advance of technology, long-distance support becomes possible through remote access for the automated racking system. The expert is able to diagnose the problem and bring the system back to normal condition within hours.

There are pros and cons of the automated racking system. so Why does the company still invest in this system? one of the reasons is because, under the right circumstances, an Automated racking system will bring more benefits which can ultimately increase company productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency of operation. thus, this will increase company profitability.