The development of technology has greatly changed the way how people see the world. Due to this reason, people who are living in the digital age are making an attempt to go along with the development in every stage of life sectors. From the public service to the industrial workplace are implementing highly advanced technology. When it deals with the industrial sector, it is very important to consider the role of the automated racking system in Indonesia.

The industry cannot be separated from any integration of the technology. It is because the industry wants to get more efficient, productive, and effective ways of manufacturing the products. Achieve these goals, is not easy because there are a lot of factors to consider before deciding to make a great shift from the traditional to the modern. Financial availability is the most significant factor to think about because lack of finances may cause a serious problem in the near future. Thus, it is strongly recommended to discuss with every division in the industry.

When the engagement of every division in the particular industry is considered to be very important, there will be a lot of problems to deal with. The problem about the industry’s productivity seems to be the most important thing to talk about. Then, choosing the most appropriate technological advancements that cover all those problems will help to gain what the industry determined goals. That is the reason why the automated racking system in Indonesia has a significant role in the industry.

The presence of an automated racking system in Indonesia is designed with the purpose of helping those who are in charge of the warehouse, in specific. Warehouse managers are now challenged to face the growing demand on the requirements on being more responsive in delivering the products. This is because of the dramatic change in the emergence of e-commerce markets so that it helps to make the arising problems about the storage is getting better.

How the storage solve the ongoing problem in the warehouse

We have witnessed hundreds or even thousands of people who deal with warehouses feel so depressed knowing the reality that they are demanded to work fast with high accuracy. It can be done only in several weeks or months. Fatigue and boredom in doing the repetitive tasks become the major problems why the automated racking system Indonesia take a part in finding the best solution in facing the warehouse problem. 

Since the traditional warehouse system has been changed with the latest one, there are so many solutions offered by this advanced technology, and here are some of them.

  1. Problem with the space availability

    Tracing back on ten or twenty years ago, we did realize that the warehouse is the place where the goods are stored with less organized in comparison to today’s storage. All the products are stored in the high racks. When the number of products keeps increasing day by day, the number of racks should come along with it. The industry must buy new racks to store the products and this results in a less spacious warehouse.
    Knowing the problem of space availability, it is the right time for the automated racking system in Indonesia to be the best solution for the warehouse. When the old racking system has been shifted with the more modern design, there will be no longer problem with the space availability because the automated racking system can carry a lot of goods by saving approximately 85%. The implementation of this racking system will make the warehouse feel larger than before. 

  2. Problem with the less accuracy picking

    When the industry is facing the high season where the order is beyond the imagination, people are urged to work fast and accurately. Dating back several decades ago, it can be said that most people committed a mistake in choosing the products stored in the warehouse. It is because of the repetitive tasks that lead to boredom and fatigue. This cannot be denied because it deals with human beings, not the programmed machine. 
    Then, to solve this problem, the automated racking system Indonesia is thought to be the best option to consider. The implementation of the automated racking system is equipped with the latest technology which helps to pick the products in the storage room by referring to the code labeled in the products. Such a determined system will minimize the mistake all the time and this becomes another reason why this advanced technology of racking system is highly recommended. 

  3. Problem with the labor costs

    Most of the time, industries are now facing the problem of labor costs. It can obviously be seen in the big company where a million employees are working for different purposes. Based on the current condition, the company should set aside thousands of dollars to pay all those employees. As time goes by, the industry comes to realize that paying a thousand employees is a kind of a big burden to deal with.
    Then, the emergence of the automated racking system in Indonesia is tremendously helpful in saving operational costs. It is because the human workforce is shifted with the highly advanced technology so that there will be pros and cons when the industry comes to the decision in firing half of the total amount of employees. When the industry does it, the problem about labor costs associate with the operational costs has met an end. So, the implementation of advanced technology is worth trying.

  4. Problem with the increasing workplace accident

    It cannot be denied that workplace accident always happens every year. From the small to the severe loss of facing death is something that we commonly hear every day in the workplace. Thus, it is very important to work carefully and take the benefit of the personal protective equipment used in the warehouse during performing the tasks. When the employees are urged to follow the rules, there are a few employees who ignore them so that the workplace accident is something inevitable. 
    In line with the great loss that the industry experience during performing the jobs, the implementation of an automated racking system in Indonesia has arrived in agreement. The use of the automated racking system has been integrated with the computer system so that all the process can be done through the computer and the employees are not necessary to walk along the narrow aisles and climb the ladders only for taking the products in the racks. This later helps to save more lives as well.

  5. Problem with limited capacity storage

    The automated racking system in Indonesia is also associated with the vertical and horizontal storage system. The warehouse managers have been complaining about the big amount of products to store in the warehouse. Due to this problem, the managers always propose the idea to move to another place and it surely costs thousand dollars. To solve this problem, the role of either a vertical or horizontal storage system is very important because this two computerized storage can save a big amount of products based on weight, sizes, and types. 
    There are so many problems about the storage faced by the warehouse managers. Problems with the excessive repetitive tasks, the lack of spacious space, and many more are such a big problem that they should resolve. Then, the use of an automated racking system in Indonesia is very important to consider since it offers a lot of benefits as the industry invests the money to do some technological development in the warehouse.