Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) is part of the technological advancements which play a significant role in manufacturing units and warehouses. It is said that this latest advancement offers the benefits of making all the manufacturing and storage run smoothly. Knowing the benefits of it, there are still some questions to consider about the implementation of AGV due to some reasons. Thus, it is no longer a big surprise to know the wide implementation of this technology in this modern era.

Before discussing further the most frequent questions to consider about the implementation of AGV, it is needed to know that the emergence of this technology aimed at increasing the speed of the delivery of goods in the warehouse so that all the things will run smoothly and efficiently. During the years, the implementation of this technology has been long considered extremely productive and fruitful. It becomes the major reason why this technology keeps developing as the year passes by.

Revealing about the questions to consider about the implementation of AGV

Even though this technology has been implemented for many years due to its feasibility and efficiency in cutting operational costs, there still a million questions to ask. All those questions come out as the result of the lack of understanding in the implementation of Automated Guided Vehicle in today’s world. 

To bring up to the surface, here are the most common questions to consider about the implementation of AGV.

1. What is the major accomplishment to obtain?

Among those questions to consider about the implementation of AGV, it is highly recommended to determine the major accomplishment when deciding the use of Automated Guided Vehicle. Broadly speaking, there are three major forms of the AGV that are commonly implemented in the industry such as unit load which is used to carry the heavy loads to and from the conveyors, the tugger which is widely known with the limited functionality as the towing machine, and the forklift which is later used to move the goods in another place.

2. How much the weight to carry?

When you have come to decision in determining the best choice among the unit loads, forklift, and tuggers, it is suggested to understand the maximum load that the automated guided vehicle. Leaving aside this matter will result in the serious problem of reducing the efficiency in performing the tasks. In general, the tuggers can approximately tow over 100.000 pounds. Therefore, people are not supposed to be worried when carrying big loads.

3. Can AGV be modified as needed?

In dealing with questions to consider about the implementation of AGV, some people think that the Automated Vehicle Guided cannot be modified as needed. When the machine has been modified, it is believed to be able to increase the workflow in accordance with the provided customization. Provided with those benefits, people are not supposed to get worried about maximizing the machine and increasing productivity.

4. What navigation technology does the AGV implement?

When it comes to the most frequently asked questions, it can be said that the automated guided vehicle is designed with distinctive navigation technology. The magnetic which fall into tape, optical, and laser are the best example of the technology used in this system. It is said that the tape technology is designed laid on the marked floor which leads to the way how the system moves. 

Similar to the tape technology, the optical technology may cause a serious problem when the colored line on the floor becomes worn out. To deal with it, the industry sometimes makes a shift to all those mentioned technologies by taking the benefits of laser technology. The laser technology implemented as part of the automated guided vehicle is believed to be able to reduce the problem arise in the tape and optical.

5. Is it possible to change the route of AGV?

In line with the questions to consider about the implementation of AGV, there still some questions that remain in the mind among the technology users. On some occasions, the industry owners want to reroute the system in an attempt to change the workflows. When rerouting always spends million dollars, there are always some AGV industry systems that offer the flexible, affordable, and accurate route which can be installed without requiring the vendor assistance. Here, the role of magnetic tape is crucial and can save more money in comparison to the use of a laser.

6. How much money do you need to install all this technological advancement?

When the particular company comes to the decision to install the automated guided vehicle, financial availability becomes the major concern. It is important to consider how much money to spend because the AGV is very costly. It is merely because of the benefits that the AGV offer to the company. Therefore, one of these questions to consider about the implementation of AGV always comes to mind.

What the company needs to keep in mind that the automated guided vehicle may vary from $20.000 to a hundred thousand dollars. Provided with a wider range of the price, the technical problem that arises in the machine becomes more complex. This surely costs a lot of money, so investing the money for this sophisticated technology should be taken into account. If it provides equal benefits, these AGV technologies are advisable.

7. What have you expected from the AGV in line with ROI?

Return of Investment (ROI) is something that most companies hope to get during producing the product. The company will likely nourish among the competitors out there if it is capable of introducing a good product in the market. According to the role of AGV, the process of introducing a good product cannot be separated from the AGV.

Then, one of the questions to consider about the implementation of AGV is about how can the AGV gives the big ROI after many years onward. If the AGV gives a guarantee of it, then the implementation of this technological advancement is recommended because this technology also offers financial efficiencies as well.

8. Then, how to get started with?

This becomes the one of prior questions to consider about the implementation of AGV. Most of the time, the company does not have something to get started because of limited information. Then, browsing on the internet about the AGV vendors might be the best option to do because there will be a hundred choices from which the company can choose. Make sure that you choose the most reputable and trusted AGV vendors because it helps you to avoid theft. Do not forget to find the most affordable prices without leaving the benefits that the technology offers.

In this recent years, technology has penetrated the manufacturing system. This greatly gives impacts the big company which produces the products every second. It is said that most of the time, many companies suffer from the loss of financial availability because of the high operational costs in producing the product. Knowing the fact about it, there are a hundred questions to consider about the implementation of AGV. Then, the role of AGV comes to the surface and many companies are highly interested in implementing the AGV as part of the manufacturing process.