Benefits of Picking System Technology

The world has changed dramatically as the digital era rapidly penetrates into modern life. This greatly affects the use of sophisticated advancements in an attempt to enhance productivity and efficiency when performing the tasks. Surprisingly, its development is now implemented in the warehouse where all the goods and materials undergo the inventory process that takes the benefit of the order picking system.

General information about the picking system

In certain circumstances, you might ever place the order of a particular product but it ends up in dissatisfaction due to receiving the undesired product. It is not something new in life because humans make an error and we cannot deny it. Knowing about it, the company will do the extra works to change into the right order with some refund if it is necessary. To reduce the risk of this situation, it is strongly recommended to use the order picking system that will be implemented in the warehouse where all the goods are stored so that the customer will never experience such a
disappointing situation.

The use of an order picking system means that the goods which have been listed in the order will be retrieved from the warehouse. This can be said as the initial stage when the industry makes an attempt to fulfill the customers’ orders. This process should be done flawlessly so that all the next processes such as packing and shipping will run smoothly. According to some investigations, the implementation of picking system machine Indonesia should be taken into consideration due to the high operational costs that can be 63% of the warehouses’ total spending.

Top reasons why industry takes the benefits of the picking system

Without wishing to set aside the high operational costs that the industry should spend per month, the use of order picking system machines offers a lot of benefits. All these following benefits become the major reason why many industries are now thinking about implementing this automated system in the warehouse. Here are the benefits of the use of this modern advancement that industry owners should come to understand.

1. It saves more money

When the industry still depends on the manual process in picking the right products to deliver to the customers, it can be said that this process takes a great deal of time. Think about when the high season comes and hiring some additional pickers is advisable that may cost a lot of dollars. In comparison to the role of picking system technology, all the processes will cut off the finances because there is no need of hiring more workers and the money can be allocated to another purpose. Once the system has been installed, the process can run
smoothly with fewer workers.

2. It increases the accuracy

The role of the picking system technology is tremendously helpful in increasing the accuracy of picking the right products in the warehouse. When it is compared to the traditional ways, there will be still any mistakes that cause any disappointments at the end of the day as the products are in the hand of the customers. To minimize the problem, the industry can take the advantage of this modern technology. The role of the robot is important due to its ability to access the whole inventory when this advancement is implemented in the picking process.

3. It saves a lot of time

Have you ever consider that the implementation of the manual picking process that takes the role of humans always takes more time? Think about when the high demand for the product happens at a certain time. There will be a lot of time to spend only searching the products in the warehouse. This will no longer happen to the industry that takes the benefit of the order picking system machine because all the products that arrive in the warehouse will be identified with the scannable barcode so that with the latest advancement, all the process of picking the products can be done effectively.

Technology variety that used in order picking system

When it comes to the picking system technology, what you need to know is that a great number of technologies have been implemented in order to enhance the efficiency and productivity of the process in picking the right products in the warehouse. All these technologies are ranging differently from the fairly simple to the highly automated so that the workers should understand how to deal with all those technologies.

  1. The mobile robots

    Quickly developed in the term of its flexibility, and intelligence as the part of artificial intelligence, robots are now built to deal with a wide variety of situation. In dealing with the picking system machine, this robot is specially designed as the complement of the traditional warehouse picking that takes a great deal of time to complete. With the help of the robot, all the things will be navigated well and the products will be stored in the good, order so that it will not takes time to find it at any time.

  2. Heavy-duty equipment

    In an attempt to save money in the long run, the industry should consider the role of heavy-duty equipment as part of the picking system. It is said that these equipment require more space to operate and a big investment in the initial stage of the operational system. As the industry thinks about this in the next future, the role of the laborers is no longer needed and this is the reason why the industry can save the expenses for the laborers per month.

  3. Voice picking equipment

    The rapid development of the order picking system results in the emergence of voice picking equipment that can be navigated with sound with the help of microphones connected to wearable devices along with manual charts. As the pickers give the instruction through the microphone, things will work as directed.

  4. Barcode scanner

    Broadly known over the past few years, the barcode scanner is also part of the picking system technology that cannot be considered as the out-of-date technology to use. In this case, as the developments go crazy out there, the cutting-edge feature has been integrated into the latest barcode scanners that give a lot of benefits for the users. Today’s barcode scanner can reduce human errors, eliminate the papers and save the information obtained from SKUs. With all these advancements, things will be done efficiently and effectively.

  5. Weight scale and software

    educe the human errors in dealing with weighing the products before they go for shipping, it is said that the modern advancement in the term of order picking system has implemented the weight scale and software. This technology also ensures that the package is of the correct weight. Here, all the weighing results will be automatically recorded so that the shipping costs can be determined in advance. Industrial advancements have been penetrated in all aspects such as the warehouse section where all the goods and products are stored. In an attempt to increase productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness in performing the tasks in the warehouse, this modern technology should be implemented. The picking system can be another best option for the industry owners who want to save more operational costs as well. Thus, with all the developing advancements out there, the industry should keep up with it.