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Autonomous Mobile Robot

Vertical Carousel & Vertical Lifter Machine

We have the perfect solution for your warehouse, production plant or distribution centre. The levels of automation, density and performance can be adjusted exactly to the requirements of your business processes and the goods you want to store vertically.

It is designed to offer maximum storage space on a minimal footprint. This facility is efficiently designed to workflow processes and significantly raises the productivity. It can be easily installed as a freestanding or integrated into a building that cross over several floors with having more than one opening access. It can be used as a stand-alone solution or connected to a networked system, thereby ensuring supreme efficiency, flexibility and individuality. The key advantages this system is to save space, increasing safety security and control, improving overall productivity of the company operation

Different type of Vertical Storage:

Vertical Carousel

Vertical Carousel has concept storage of “from articles to operator” by circulate the carries with the movement of rotating chain. It delivers articles to the operator accurately and quickly through best path selection, is suitable to be placed around production area and used to store the spare parts, varies tools, etc.

Vertical Lifter Machine (VLM)

Vertical Lifter is storing component or boxes in tray as its storage unit. Using absolute position in vertical movement, the equipment can be positioned accurately and using inductive switch control in horizontal movement to ensure movement of the mechanism. Vertical Lifter has different operating modes such as manual key-in, stand-alone automation, and online automatic operation. The manage system can be connected to ERP system. Compared with Vertical Carousel, Vertical Lifter is more suitable for storing the articles in different size and odd shape.