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Automated Storage & Retrieval System

ASRS allows an efficient material flow to be implemented in a distribution, warehousing, or manufacturing process. Whether you are handling carton boxes, plastic totes, trays, pallets, reels, profiles, or heavier loads, we have the appropriate solution to meet the specific requirements of every application. Storing with ASRS means accurate, real-time data is always kept on inventory – eliminating need for physical inventory inspections and providing direct access to items. Utilizing ASRS increases throughput and efficiency, saves space, allows you to use your vertical height and reduces building costs.

ASRS is constructed by high level racking system, automatic stacker cranes or shuttle, supported by peripheral equipment such as conveyor system and lifter system. Thus, whole system will be controlled by intelligent warehouse management system (WMS).

The two primary types of ASRS are unit-load and mini-load systems. Unit-load ASRS is used for handling large loads such as handling full pallets or cases of items. Unit-load ASRS handle the heavy or bulky items which may require moving objects or pallets that weigh tons. The main equipment for ASRS is the stacker crane. We can offer fixed aisles stacker crane or moveable-aisle stacker crane depending on the needs.

Mini-load ASRS is handling item in box case or tote bin and the stacker crane is much smaller to handle lightweight loads. The stacker crane can be using push-pull mechanism or telescopic mechanism. For those high throughput requirements, it can be handled by shuttle system

It is a one of strategic solution to obtain a competitive advantage and the ability to adapt to changing market conditions now and in the future. We offer profound market knowledge amassed over many years of first-hand experience implementing warehouse solutions within a variety of industries.